Beautiful wilderness lake cutthroat landed while using the Backpacker Pro ultralight float tube


Love the Wilderness, Backpacking, and Float Tube Fishing & Fly Fishing?
WE DO TOO, it's our PASSION!

For more than two decades we've enjoyed backpacking with family and friends from day hikes to a long weekend to a week or more carrying all food, clothing, shelter, and fishing gear on foot to wilderness lakes.  Since 2014 we've packed Wilderness Lite ultralight float tubes on every journey.  We're eager to equip you to enjoy the same wilderness float tubing and fishing experience.  We've developed the absolute best ultralight float tubes for fishing high mountain lakes, the Wilderness Lite Backpacker Pro and Tree Line 2.x.  Over a decade of testing and design optimization have resulted in the ultimate in ultralight float tube performance.  You'll find the short day hike, or even extended trips of many backpacking miles to the lakes of your choice are now in reach because of the ultralight weight and packing ease of a patent pending Wilderness Lite float tube.  And you'll likely have the water to yourself to enjoy float tube fishing on pristine waters with friends, family, and the next generation of wilderness float tubing enthusiasts. 

How long have you been in business?
We started the development of the Backpacker Pro many years ago.  It is based on two decades of wilderness float tubing & backpacking experience.  We began sales of the Backpacker Pro ultralight float tube in 2013 and have improved it many times since.
Where are you located?
All orders are shipped from our Northwest Iowa location.
How do I contact Wilderness Lite?
wildernesslite@gmail.com Please email us with any questions.  We typically respond within 24 hours, but often within minutes of your inquiry. Or call us 8AM-8PM US Central time at 712-463-2504. 


What is Wilderness Lite's return & refund policy?
We provide assurance with a "no questions asked" full refund for your Wilderness Lite ultralight float tube returned in undamaged condition within 30 days after your purchase or the start of your float tubing season if purchased during the fall or winter.  We ask you to please pay the return shipping and email us the tracking number (wildernesslite@gmail.com) when returning an item.

What is the warranty?
5 years limited warranty for manufacturing defects in material or workmanship for the inflatable bladders—excludes normal wear and tear and abuse/mishandling. Please E-mail us for warranty service or for information on discounts for purchasing a replacement bladder set for your Wilderness Lite ultralight float tube.

Do you offer a patch kit to repair the bladders?
For safety, we do not recommend using an inflation bladder that has been punctured and patched.  We recommend a damaged bladder be replaced.  Replacement bladders are available at a discount (email us for details) from Wilderness Lite, and are sold as a set including main and backrest bladders.  In an emergency Tear-Aid Type A material could be suitable as a temporary patch.

Can the inflation valves be replaced?
Yes.  Inflation valves on the bladders can become sticky and difficult to turn or frozen in place from excessive accumulation of dirt or extreme force when closing/opening.  To replace first remove the bladder from the cover of your Backpacker Pro.  Heat a mug of water to boiling, hold only the valve and the end of the inflation tube in the hot water for one to two minutes, and the inflation tube will expand allowing you to remove the damaged valve and immediately replace it with a new one.  Allow the valve to cool for 10 minutes, then inflate the bladder and test overnight to confirm there are no air leaks.  Please email us to request replacement valves.


When will my order be shipped & delivered?  How much will shipping cost? Is overnight delivery available?

We typically ship your order the same business day we receive it, or the next business day if your order is received late in the day or on a weekend/holiday.  Purchases of more than $60 are shipped FREE (scheduled delivery within 5 business days or less) via UPS Ground or USPS Ground throughout the US lower 48 states.  Shipping for smaller purchases is $13.75.  UPS 2nd Day Air is available for $60, and UPS Next Day Air Saver for $85.  Shipments to AK are $19.75 via USPS Priority Mail.  If any amount is due for shipping, it will be calculated & charged at checkout.  We will email you the tracking number and scheduled delivery date the day your order is shipped.   


We ship to Canada via USPS Priority Mail.  Scheduled delivery is 10 business days.  Shipping costs vary depending on the items ordered, and will be calculated at checkout.  For example, shipping for the Backpacker Pro complete ultralight float tube OUTFIT to Canada is $49.75 (prices do NOT include any applicable duty or taxes collected at delivery).  Please email us if you would like faster delivery to Canada, or for purchases to be shipped to Europe or to other international destinations.  wildernesslite@gmail.com  

Where can I buy one?  Is the float tube sold at retail fly fishing, fishing, and sporting goods stores?  Does Wilderness Lite collect sales tax?
All purchases are online through our website.  We do not sell through retailers. For all orders with a delivery address outside Iowa, we do NOT collect sales tax.

Why purchase your Backpacker Pro in Autumn/Winter/Spring?
There are many good reasons to purchase your Backpacker Pro during autumn, winter, or spring rather than waiting until the peak backpacking and float tube fishing season begins.  We have the Backpacker Pro in stock ready to ship.  We make every effort to assure we have Backpacker Pros in our inventory, but they do sell fast.  Autumn, winter and spring are periods of less than peak summer shipments, so in most cases we can ship your Backpacker Pro the same or next business day.  There's no better way to assure that you and your Backpacker Pro are mountain float tube fishing ready than receiving yours early and using it on lakes close to home whenever possible.  Also, the Wilderness Lite team spends time in the wilderness using our Backpacker Pros and testing improvements once the mountain snow melts. Ordering before peak season eliminates the risk that we cannot ship your Backpacker Pro for 7 to 10 days while we are in the wilderness.  Such shipping delays--if any--will be conspicuously noted on our website home page.

Do you sell accessories--Fins, Inflatable Seats,Pumps, Replacement Bladder Sets, Stuff Sacks, etc? 

Yes, see the ACCESSORIES collection on our SHOP page.  We sell Opti-Pack ultralight fins and Ice-Out inflatable seats, pump, & stuff sack together with the Backpacker Pro as a complete ultralight float tube outfit, and fins also are sold separately.  The custom mesh stuff sack and the lightweight double action inflation pump are available as a separate set, and they are included with each purchase of your Backpacker Pro.  The Day Hike Transport Kit (backpacking straps to carry your inflated Backpacker Pro short distances) is an available accessory, too.  We also sell extra sets of ultralight bladders, replacement stripping aprons, and replacement inflation valves.

Do you sell waders, life preservers, fishing nets, water shoes, and electric inflation pumps?
We can provide recommendations for ultralight versions of all these items, but we do not sell them.  See our blog for more details. 

What customer feedback have you received?

Customer feedback has been very positive.  It’s emphasized ease of use plus how ultralight, packable, as well as fast and maneuverable the Backpacker Pro is on the water.  Customers are impressed with its outstanding durability, too.  These features make it possible to float tube lakes that were impossible to reach before the Backpacker Pro became available.  Customers also appreciate that it is made in the USA.  See the CUSTOMER FEEDBACK page for specific comments we've received.
Check out this video describing the MANY features of the Backpacker Pro ultralight float tube
How many bladders does it have?
All our float tubes have 2 bladders—large main bladder and a second backrest bladder, plus the optional Ice-Out inflatable seat adds a third inflation bladder for the Backpacker Pro.

What color is the Backpacker Pro? 
Royal blue topside, charcoal underside & charcoal mesh stripping apron with white logo.    

What is the weight capacity?

We have customers in excess of 300 pounds using the Backpacker Pro and enjoying its performance.  Ultimately you are the judge of how well the Backpacker Pro performs for you at your weight, height and under your float tubing conditions.  So, 300 pounds capacity is a guideline, but we provide assurance with a “no questions asked" full refund for your Backpacker Pro returned in a reasonable time in undamaged condition.  What is a reasonable time?—within 30 days after purchase or the start of your float tubing season if purchased during fall/winter.
How long does it take to inflate the Backpacker Pro; how full of air do I fill it?
Using the included double action inflation pump and short (1-2”) length of flexible silicone adapter tubing (1/4” ID x 3/8” OD available from home brewing stores or online), it takes 5½ minutes to inflate the main bladder and 45 seconds to inflate the backrest bladder for a total inflation time of ~6minutes.   Fill the main bladder very tightly to firm consistency, place it in the water while putting on waders, top it off when ready to launch, take pump along in a pocket to adjust air as necessary while on shore for a break.  Changes in temperature & sunshine affect the pressure in the Backpacker Pro, so adjust as appropriate by adding air with drops in temperature and releasing air with increases in temperature or exposure to direct sun.  Under-inflation of the main bladder will compromise performance, so keep it FULLY, TIGHTLY inflated.  Fill the Backrest bladder to a level that is most comfortable to support your back while float tubing.  The backrest bladder and inflatable seat, if equipped, also provides buoyancy (in addition to your life preserver) during an emergency.  The Ice-Out seat is easily inflated by mouth.

How is the Backpacker Pro deflated and returned to the stuff sack, and stored?
After landing on shore immediately remove your Backpacker Pro from the water and open both inflation valves (turn counterclockwise) to begin deflation while removing your waders.  Then begin rolling from the tip of the right wing to forcefully evacuate air until the right side is empty, and switch to rolling from the tip of the left wing while maintaining compression of the right side between your knees, under your knees while kneeling, etc, followed by one last “bear hug” of the middle to complete deflation in 5 to 6 minutes.  We’ve purposely equipped the Backpacker Pro with small diameter, ultralight, US made valves for SAFETY and RELIABILITY.  Deflation takes more time than with large “boat valves”, but avoids the catastrophe of instant deflation from a large diameter boat valve failure while on the water.  Large diameter valves are also prone to develop leaks, can be heavy, and are usually made in China rather than in the USA.  To quickly return your float tube to its stuff sack, fold your Backpacker Pro in half lengthwise so the two wings are together on top of each other.  Fold the seat over the wings, then roll from each end to meet in the middle which pushes remaining air out the main bladder inflation valve.  Hold the rolled up float tube between your knees, and slide the stuff sack over it.  Insert the double action inflation pump in the groove created by rolling the wings from each end, use your fist to compress the end of the float tube into the sack, and pull the drawstring.  After arriving back at camp or home remove from the stuff sack and air dry.  Clean with cool water, thoroughly air dry, and hang deflated out of the stuff sack in a dry, cool, dark location for best storage conditions.
Lightweight lithium battery rechargeable pumps for both inflation and deflation are also available online. See our blog for more details.

How much does the Backpacker Pro ultralight float tube weigh?

Less than half the weight of any other float tube available, 3.4 pounds, or 3 lbs 6 ozs …without the stuff sack.  The stuff sack weighs 1.5 oz, the pump 3.4 oz, the Ice Out seat 3.7oz, and Opti-Pack fins 15.9 oz per PAIR.
What is the packed, trail size/volume of the Backpacker Pro?
When put in the custom mesh stuff sack included with the Backpacker Pro, the float tube, inflatable seat, & pump are 15” long x 7” in diameter with a volume of 9 liters, the most compact float tube available.  It easily fits in a backpack along with other gear for a day hike, an overnight trip or for a hike of a week or more.