Backpacker Pro Complete Ultralight Float Tube Outfit pictured on a scale displaying its weight as 4lbs 15.9ozs

What's the Complete Float Tube Outfit Weigh?

Whether it's a short day hike, a longer journey for a weekend, or an extended wilderness trek to mountain lakes--weight is critical.  It's why we've developed the patent pending Backpacker Pro complete ultralight float tube outfit.  It's less than half the weight of any other float tube you can buy.  Here's the 0.1 oz increments.

  • Backpacker Pro ultralight float tube = 3 lbs 6.6oz
  • Ice-Out inflatable seat = 3.7oz
  • Opti-Pack ultralight fins = 15.9oz (per pair)
  • Double action inflation pump = 3.4oz
  • Custom mesh stuff sack = 1.7oz

GRAND TOTAL WEIGHT: 4lbs 15.9oz + 0.6oz

Volume can be just as important.  This is especially true for overnight or longer hikes when you'll need room in your pack for the other essentials: sleeping bag, tent, clothing, and food.  At 9 liter pack volume, your Backpacker Pro is just 15" long and 7" in diameter in its custom mesh stuff sack--including inflatable seat & inflation pump.  It is 1/3 the pack volume of other float tubes marketed as ultralight/backpacking models. Your Backpacker Pro complete ultralight float tube outfit lightens your load while going everywhere you hike, bike, or travel to fish.

Picture of the Backpacker Pro complete ultralight float tube outfit with all its accessories and many features.  It includes Opti-Pack ultralight fins, Ice-Out inflatable seat, pump, & stuff sack sold at a discount.  This durable made in USA ultralight float tube comes with 3 inflation bladders, 3 zippered storage pockets, rod clamps, net clamp, 5 D rings, and a mesh apron for landing & measuring fish.

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